Monday, 23 April 2012

Sports Capital Grants

Department of Transport, Tourism and SportThe Sports Capital Grant Programme has recently been re-opened and is currently accepting applications.

Up to €30 million will be awarded to sports clubs to develop their facilities and enable them to purchase sports equipment.

Groups that may apply include sports clubs, voluntary and community organisations, national governing bodies of sport, local authorities and in some cases VECs and schools.

The programme aims to prioritise the needs of disadvantaged areas in the provision of sports facilities and to encourage the multi-purpose use of local, regional and national sports facilities by clubs, community organisations and national governing bodies of sport.

The type of projects that may be funded are as follows:

- Natural and artificial sports pitches, tracks and courts (including pitch drainage)
- Floodlighting
- Building or refurbishment of dressing rooms, showers and toilets, sports halls, gyms
- Any other capital projects that are clearly sporting in nature and that will increase participation in sport or improve performance

Organisations that wish to apply will need to prove that they can fund 15% of the overall cost of the project themselves. However, those based in disadvantaged areas covered by the RAPID scheme will only have to contribute 5%.

Applications can be made online until Friday, 1st June HERE.

Applications through the post (and all supporting documentation) must reach the Department by 5pm on Friday 11th May 2012.

Please contact me if you need any support making an application. Mary