Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gullies & Shores

Following my request, Dublin City Council Drainage Dept inspected the street shores and Gullies in Claremont, Clareville and The Willows Estates.
Below is a report on the cleaning of gullies in Claremont /Clareville and The Willows. Where Gullies are not cleaned it is nearly always because a vehicle is parked on it and it is not possible to clean it.

Claremont Close Gullies checked 10/12/12 5 of 5 gullies cleaned.

Claremont Court Gullies checked 10 - 17/12/12 34 of 38 gullies cleaned.
Claremont Crescent Gullies checked 17/12/12 23 of 25 gullies cleaned.

Claremont Lawns Gullies checked 18/12/12 23 of 24 gullies cleaned.

Clareville Court Gullies checked 18/12/12 7 of 7 gullies cleaned.

Clareville Grove Gullies checked 14/1/13 13 of 15 gullies cleaned.

The Willows Gullies checked 17/12/12 14 of 15 gullies cleaned.

To help avoid surface flooding, please report any shore or gullies in need of attention to 1800 248 348 or email me with the details. Mary