Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Local Area Plan

As a City Councillor I actively engaged and worked with local residents and Dublin City Council planners and administrators to prepare the Phibsborough Local Area Plan which was adopted and approved by the full City Council in 2008.  The need for a plan was driven by the fact that, despite being designated a Prime Urban Center in the City Development Plan, Phibsborough remained underdeveloped and planning standards needed to be set-out to ensure that development of the area and significant large sites in the area would be guided by best planning standards.  It is disappointing that the LAP has not been realized but I reject the proposal brought forward at the end of last year by City Council Planners to scrap the LAP. I raised this issue with the City Manager, the Chair of the Planning SPC and following my representations the matter was put on the agenda of the January and February Central Area Committee.  Following my interventions residents and community groups have been invited to attend a meeting with Dublin City Council's planning department to discuss and agree next steps.  I will continue to work with Dublin City Council, residents and other stakeholders to achive the highest standard of development in Phibsborough.  Mary