About Mary

I contest Local, General & European Elections in Dublin Central to play my part in renewing politics for us the people and to rebuild our country. I ask for your support on the basis of my personal qualities, my track record as a hard working local representative and my international business experience.

I am a politically centrist politician. My political ideology is informed by my strong sense of social justice, my real life business experience and my work as a public representative.

I do not subscribe to extreme political ideology of the left or the right. The extreme left ideology kills enterprise and employment and removes from individuals the incentive and the opportunity to determine their own lifestyle. The extreme right ideology cruelly abandons those in society who need help most. It is for me first and foremost a case of balance and of looking to solve each problem by aiming to address the best outcome for the individual and society and not by indiscriminately applying the theory of abstract political philosophy to real life problems.

I was born and raised on the Navan Road. I went to Our Lady Help of Christians and St Dominic's College Cabra before graduating from UCD with a BA in German and Italian.

When I completed university in the late eighties, like many others, I too had to emigrate. For more than ten years I worked as a Marketing Director for an industry leading global telecoms provider in New York, London and Dublin. This solid industry experience has given me a unique insight into how I can help create sustainable jobs, attract investment and promote economic development for our community. The experience of emigration has made me see how important it is to give all our children an opportunity to work at home and real choice in the work place. Domestic job creation is a real issue for me.

In 2004, I stood for election and was elected at my first attempt to represent Dublin Central on Dublin City Council. The following year, I gave up full time employment to dedicate myself to representing my community, working on the issues that affect my constituents on a daily basis.

In 2007 & 2011, I contested the General Election. In 2009, it was my great honour to be elected in local elections and returned to represent Dublin Central on Dublin City Council. Since then, I have worked to improve the quality of life in our constituency and with your support I will continue to do so.

My husband Sean and I live in the constituency with our three children. It is a unique honour to represent my community.


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