Mary's Income

As a public representative, I believe it is right to publish all payments which are paid to me by Dublin City Council. I also believe the details below highlight the moderate renumeration which I and other Councillors receive. 

My annual salary as a Councillor is €16,724 per year.

I receive €50 per month for mobile phone costs and €30 per month for an Internet connection. These allowances are based on receipts submitted to the City Manager's Office. I receive a fixed expense payment to cover all other costs of €599.03 per month. An 80% attendance record at meetings is required to receive this allowance. 

These are my sole sources of income. 

With regard to expenses for traveling to, or attending conferences, I have not made any such claims since I was elected in 2009.  Myself and the rest of the Fianna Fail group have asked that these funds be used for the direct provision of services to our communities.

You can examine the latest report on payments to Dublin City Councillors here.